Best jumping castles for children’s parties

There is no joy quite like that of bouncing about on a jumping castle with friends, and these days, one of the biggest concerns for parents wanting to hire a jumping castle is just which one to choose? They come in a range of shapes, sizes, themes and interests, from water slides through to more […]

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Types of Jumping Castles for Hire

Planning a birthday party for a child doesn’t need to be a stressful and time-consuming undertaking. By simply hiring a jumping castle, you’re able to provide hours of entertainment that lets the children work off the sugar while having great fun. The biggest decision now is deciding which type of jumping castle to hire to […]

Hire a trailer questions and answers

If you’re looking to hire a trailer, there are many organisations available that can happily assist. However, there are several factors that need to be considered. Here’s a comprehensive overview of trailer hires. Can you rent a trailer for a day? Yes, many trailer hire companies will charge a daily rate for trailer rentals. How […]

What are the different types of trailers to hire?

At some point or another, we are going to require a trailer of sorts to assist with moving large and bulky items. Whether it’s moving house, going on holiday or for work-related purpose, trailers are very handy equipment. But for those who don’t need a trailer for regular use, there are many companies that offer […]

Top 6 things to do in Cape Town this summer

Top things to do in Cape Town this summer 1. Rent a surfing board in Muizenberg 2. Rent a SUP in Cape Town 3. Rent a Camera in Cape Town and explore photography 4. Cape Town helicopter tours 5. Rent camping equipment and enjoy the outdoors 6. Day Tours in and around Cape Town Cape Town is filled with countless […]

Top 5 camping locations in Western Cape

Rental Planet’s Top 5 camping locations in Western Cape Claiming the title of “Best City in the World”, Cape Town, which is located in the Western Cape is surrounded by a wide variety of beautiful camping locations. From waking up to the sound of the waves crashing down onto the beach to the sound of […]


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