Best jumping castles for children’s parties

There is no joy quite like that of bouncing about on a jumping castle with friends, and these days, one of the biggest concerns for parents wanting to hire a jumping castle is just which one to choose? They come in a range of shapes, sizes, themes and interests, from water slides through to more complex obstacle designs. Here’s a look at the 5 best jumping castles for children’s parties available today!

5 of the best jumping castles for children’s parties


1. Inflatable water slide

Party-goers will have endless fun on this inflatable which allows them to climb up the side or back, and then whizz down the slide. A water hose is attached to ensure a refreshing ride, and bubbles can be added for extra slip! There’s either soft padding at the bottom of the slide that ensures a safe landing, otherwise there could be an enclosure that captures the water, making a lovely paddling pool for the little ones. The bigger inflatables usually have quite an elevation and are often best suited to older children, but it really depends on the size of the water slide.


2. Double inflatable slide

This takes the bouncy fun of a jumping castles and increases it by adding two inflatable slides, side by side. In fact, there are even bigger versions with more slides, but that can be quite a costly and cumbersome hire. The double inflatable slide gives party-goers the chance to race each other to the bottom, combining the fun of bouncing and the adrenaline of sliding all in one.

3. Combo jumping castle

If you really can’t decide between a jumping castle and a water slide, then you have nothing to fear. The combo is one of the best jumping castle and brings together the uninhibited bouncy fun of a jumping castle, alongside an interconnected water slide that finishes in a refreshing paddling pool at the bottom. This is a great option for bigger parties, particularly where there’s quite a range of age groups. Children can take turns on the different sections, while all getting a chance to enjoy the combo fun!

gladiator jumping castle hire

4. Inflatable obstacle course

If you’re looking to keep a group of teens or tweens actively engaged throughout a birthday party, then you’ve found what you’re looking for – the inflatable obstacle course. Although this does have the bouncy fun of a jumping castle, it comes with an intricate selection of obstacle features, such as climbing ropes and nets; slides; up, hurdles; and tunnels. You can divide the party-goers into teams or pairs, and they can do a timed race for the ultimate prize. Inflatable obstacle courses are also incredibly popular for teambuilding exercises in the corporate world, combining the fun of an obstacle course with the safety of an inflatable.

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Obstacle course hire

5. Inflatable foosball

Another variation of the jumping castle is the must-try inflatable foosball. As with the obstacle course, this is suited to both older children and adults, bringing fun and competition together in one device. Emulating a foosball table, the inflatable provides cushioned walls, floors and goalboxes with participants required to hold onto the elasticised ropes along the centre, kicking a ball until a goal is scored.

Before hiring a jumping castle or inflatable, there are a few things to check with the supplier. These include:


  • The space and surface required for the inflatable;
  • Water and power requirements;
  • Safety warnings and suggestions;
  • Proper use and care of the product;
  • Booking times and costs; and
  • Delivery and pickup.


Once you’ve gone through this list, you are ready to book your inflatable and have endless bouncy fun!

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