Become a Supplier

Become a Supplier

Increase sales by listing products on Rental Planet. Book a 15 minute discovery call with Jamie to get started

Zero monthly fees

We charge ZERO listing and subcrition fees. It is entirely free to place your product on Rental Planet. You can even get one of our agent to do the listing for you.

Additional Sales Channel

List your products on Rental Planet to gain a new avenue of income. By widening your sales funnel you will increase the number of customers your business acquires.

SEO Optimized

Get higher up on Google pages by leveraging off Rental Planet's SEO Optimised site. The higher up you are the more hits you will get. We scored 100 of Googles Lighthouse's SEO score, for reference Takealot scored 98.

How To Earn on Rental Planet

1. List Products

List your products for everyone to see! You can do this manually or send us a CSV and we’ll upload them for you. If you are not able to send us a CSV then our tech team can pull the information from your website.

2. Accept Requests

You will receive email notifications for each request. You have 48hrs to respond or the request lapses. Fulfil the rental like you ordinarily would do. You are perfectly entitled to run your own background checks on top of ours.

3. Earn Money

Earn cash through additional rentals you would have never got before. We pay you directly into your account after each rental.

Take your business to the next level

Cross selling

Benefit from cross-selling by being part of Rental Planet. Cross-selling is when someone comes on to rent a surfboard and ends up renting office equipment for their business. Cross selling accounted for 40% of Amazon's business.

Reduce Cost of Customer Acquisition

Leverage off Rental Planet's marketing, SEO and database of 80,000 potential renters to reduce your customer acquisition cost. You only pay when you get a successful rental. No more wasted marketing efforts.

Prices and Fees

We charge a commission on each rental. We require that suppliers advertise products for the same price on Rental Planet as they do in store. We charge a flat rate of 19.9% for every additional sale we bring to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a supllier?

Click on the ‘become a supplier’ at the top of the page. Here you can schedule a call with Jamie. He will explain the ins and outs of setting up a supplier profile. You will be sent a retailer agreement. Jamie will the arrange the upload of your items.

What items can I list on Rental Planet to rent as a supplier?

As a supplier you may list anything provided it is not dangerous, illegal or on our prohibited list. We rent anything from surfboards to construction equipment, DJ decks to film cameras, portaloos to vintage cars.

What if I have an item to rent out that does not fall under any of your provided 'categories' list?

If you have items that you wish to list that do not fall under any of our specified categories, please feel free to contact Andrew (0714039117) or Jamie (0832976339) in order to create a category specifically designed for your items.

Are there any costs or ongoing fees of being a supplier?

There are no costs, subscription fees or any ongoing fees for signing up or having your items on the platform. A commission fee of 19,9% will be charged on each rental through Rental Planet plus transaction fees.

What security processes are implemented to ensure the utmost safety of the items I rent out?

All users undergo a thorough vetting system. Every user uploads a photo of ID and selfie with ID. Background checks are done on each user. Including real time ID verification with Home Affairs. The user is also required to upload all documents that you as the supplier require. For example, a driver’s license for a car rental company or permit for a drone. We then pass this information on so you may implement your system and security systems and structures that are already in place at your business.

How does the payment system work on your platform?

Customers’ pay upfront via our 3D secure payment gateway provided by Eccentric Payment Systems, a subsidiary of Standard Bank. Customers’ also have the option of an EFT. If your items require a deposit then please specify in your ‘product listings’ and the deposit is to be paid on pick up of the item to you. We EFT to you, the supplier, post the rental.

Who is held responsible for any damages or breakages on the item when it is rented out?

It is in the interest of the user and the supplier to thoroughly examine the condition of the item before it is rented out. When the item is returned it is again in the best interests of both parties to examine the item together, if there are significant damages to the item, the user will be held accountable for the damages. The rental agreement is between owners and renters. Rental Planet simply facilitates the transaction and will not be liable for any damages.

How long can I rent my items out for?

The duration of the rental period is completely up to you as the supplier. From one hour to five years, the decision is yours.

How am I notified of rentals?

When signing up you are required to give us your email. This automatically links you with your profile. When a customer requests to rent something from you, the customer’s ID and selfie along with other documentation will be emailed to you along with the item wanting to be rented.


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