Types of Jumping Castles for Hire

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Planning a birthday party for a child doesn’t need to be a stressful and time-consuming undertaking. By simply hiring a jumping castle, you’re able to provide hours of entertainment that lets the children work off the sugar while having great fun. The biggest decision now is deciding which type of jumping castle to hire to make that birthday party extra special.

7 Types of Jumping Castles for Hire

1. Standard jumping castle

The most common type of jumping castle for hire is the original four-post jumping castle. This is an absolute classic and is a sure-fire way to keep the kids amused with some bouncy fun. This is generally the more cost-effective option when looking for a jumping castle to hire, and is suited to small-to-medium sized parties. Parents looking for a way to keep their children entertained over the holidays are also able to hire a jumping castle for the day.

2. Themed jumping castle

The next step up from the traditional jumping castle is a themed jumping castle which can match the theme of the birthday party or event. The themes are generally taken from popular TV shows, movies and superhero comics. It’s worth asking the supplier what themed stock they have available and book early to avoid disappointment.

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3. Inflatable slide

Taking things up a notch is the inflatable slide jumping castle which includes a climbing section at the back or side, which follows onto an elevated inflatable slide. Children slide and bounce their way along to the bottom and keep going for hours! There are smaller versions suited to toddlers and young ones, with the bigger versions for the older kids and even teens.


4. Double inflatable slide

This includes two slides, side-by-side, usually compartmentalised, which allow youngsters to race each other to the bottom. These are usually quite high so better suited to older children.

5. Inflatable slip n slide

The basic model of the slip n slide is not technically a jumping castle, but often hired alongside them. This has a section that holds a water hose, and users can add bubble mixture for extra slippery fun. There is often a water collection point at the end, so this is best used with older children who are capable swimmers.


6. Inflatable water slide

Unlike the slip n slide, the water slide is elevated from the top, so there’s no need for a run up. Like the slip n slide, water and bubbles can be added, and there is a soft cushioning at the bottom for a safe landing.

7. Combo jumping castle

If you can’t decide between a jumping castle and a slide, then you’re in luck! This combo jumping castle has an inflatable slide as well, and there is often a shallow pool at the bottom for the little ones to splash about and cool down.

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